Wood Bamboo LED Alarm Clock

€59.00 EUR

  • Display mode:   DP-1:time,date,temperature automatically  display in turns;                         DP-2:only time
  • Calendar:2000-2099 years
  • 12/24 hour format is available for selection  :(initial mode:24-hour;January 1 2014;12:00 clock)
  • Every time can set up three groups of alarm, each alarm 1 minute, sound is:bi bi bi....
  • 18:00-07:00 half luminance,and four luminance to set(L0-L1-L2-L3)
  • DC5V/500MA power supply by USB(or 4*AAA,sound control function is recommended ON, when batteries used ), built-in battery keeping time display program running inside but invisible outside
  • Sound control mode(power-saving mode)

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