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The hoodie is an athletic garment meant for layering and wearing on chilly but not necessarily cold days. Joggers, runners and those who go for their daily morning walks often wear the hoodie to keep warm and offer some protection from wind. It is light- to medium-weight and allows the upper body to move freely while it protects it from the elements. This is the primary function of the hoodie.
A secondary function of the hoodie is that of concealment. This athletic garment is often seen in crime movies, television shows and horror films like "The Maze" which features a psycho killer wearing a hooded sweatshirt concealing his identity. Many celebrities use the hoodie to help hide their identity in public. A-list stars are often spotted by the paparazzi doing ordinary day-to-day stuff wearing a hoodie to blend in and help conceal them so they won't be bothered.

This is THE Hoodie!

• Available in Different Colors
• Fashionable and lavishness long sleeve hooded zip top
• Material: 50% cotton, 50% fleece (weight 320 GSM)
• Hood is faux fur
• Double Zip fastening & Soft and Warm Material
• Machine washable
• No shrink material

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