Universal Keychain Charger for Smartphones & Tablets

€34.00 EUR

Universal Keychain Charger for Smartphones & Tablets

The last thing you want to lug around is a humongous backup power bank for your devices in your purse. Staying tech savvy can get heavy.


 This power bank is lightweight with a simple, streamlined design and the best part is it doesn't take up extra space in your purse, pocket, or briefcase — so take it with you wherever you go! Available in 6 bright colours: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and White and provides up to 10 hours of portable power for your smartphone or tablet! Rechargeable for over 1,000 uses.

Additional details:

  • Product size: 95 (L) * 22 (W)*22(H) mm
  • Product weight: 70 g
  • Packing weight: 110 g
  • Lamp: equipped with a power light
  • Protection function: with short circuit, overcharge, discharge protection function
  • Product cell types: cylindrical lithium ion battery
  • Battery capacity: 2600 mah
  • Output power: 5 W
  • Rated input: 5.0 V 1000 mA
  • Rated output: 5.3 V 1000 mA(MAX)
  • Charging time: 0 to 3 hours

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