Nicky Noa Stretch Dress with and without Sleeves

€60.00 EUR

What is better than a sexy black dress? How about a wonderful faux leather one. It is one of fashion's most faithful friends; something a woman can always count on, and this is a sexy restyling.

These high-tech alternatives work best when they hug the body and are relatively free of any other artifice. Avoid ruffles, sequins or embroidered embellishments as the elastic faux leather black dress doesn't need any bells or whistles to heighten its already powerful sartorial impact. The exception to this rule is a bit of well placed black lace, which can give an added jolt of sensuality to the already very sexy style.

The lack of ornamentation should also extend to the accessories. Keep things simple, bags should be small- to balance the size of the dress- and shoes should be a no brainer- matching black stilettos, strappy sandals or low boots. 

The general rule of thumb is that once you hit 35 its time to retire those magnificent super tight dresses. But hey…as forty is the new thirty…the faux leather black dresses still have a long shelf life ahead of them in your wardrobe. 
Material: Lycra

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