Stalwart 8-Piece Mini Wireless Security System

€30.00 EUR


Set your mind at ease when you protect your family with the Stalwart 8-Piece Mini Window Wireless Security System.

Equipped with magnetic sensors, the Stalwart 8-Piece Mini Window Wireless Alarm Set detects the opening of protected windows and doors, sounding a 105 dB alarm to alert you to an attempted entry and scare off potential intruders. Or use the set to sound alerts when young children open a gun case, medicine cabinet, or hard to protect sliding glass doors. Use it at your place of business to guard showcases and cash registers. Simply flip the on/off switch to open windows or other protected objects without setting off the alarm.

  • Powerful alarm will scare away intruders
  • Can be used to secure just about anything
  • Eight Separate Sets Ready for installation
  • Great for windows, doors and cabinets
  • On/Off Switch allows you to open protected objects without the alarm sounding
  • Easy, Wireless installation
  • LR44 Button Cell Batteries Included (3 Batteries Each)
  • Includes 2 Sided Tape for mounting
  • Dimensions (1 Alarm): 1.75 inches (L) x 2.5 inches (W) x 1 inch (H)

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