Set of 4 Hose Roller Guides

€20.00 EUR


Water your tomato garden without dragging the hose through your delicate hydrangea bed with today's deal for 4 Hose Roller Guides.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is a rewarding, but challenging task. Watering is a necessity in keeping your landscaping lush and green, but hoses can be cumbersome and often damage the very plants you’re trying to water. These handy lawn tools create a smooth and sturdy track by which your hose can effortlessly glide, making it easier to move throughout your yard and preventing damage to your lawn and garden. Simply stake the guides in the ground around the area you wish to protect and pull your hose along the rollers. It's that easy!

• Durable Plastic Construction
• Unique Design Keeps Hose from Slipping Out
• Dimensions: 3.625 x 3.625 x 7.75 inches
• Set of 4

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