Mini GPS Tracking Device

€54.00 EUR


In a world where technology is constantly creating new and innovative ways for criminals to operate, protecting your valuables and the people you love has become more crucial than ever before. Get a step ahead of the game and protect your belonging and loved ones with the Mini GPS Tracking Device.

With the ability to instantly locate anything or anyone worldwide, this handy little device is ideal for protecting your motor vehicles, electronics, and even your family members. Simply give the device to your loved one, and with just the press of a button, they can alert up to 5 contacts via SMS with an exact time-stamped location. Insert a 2GSM SIM card and text the device to receive exact coordinates of its location via SMS, or call the device to listen in through its built-in microphone. Equipped with a geofence and movement alert, this Mini GPS can even inform you when the device is moving and when a vehicle is speeding, by detecting when your predefined speed limits have been breached. Download the ​Apple GPS Tracker TK app or ​Android GPS Tracker Car TK SMS app to make tracking a breeze (not required to operate device).

• Built-in GSM/GPRS functions
• Supports non-server based location
• Compatible with 2GSM SIM card
• Package Includes: ​​​GPS Tracker, user manual, USB cable for charging, and battery​
• Battery lasts up to 72-96 hours in standby mode

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