Knife-Sharpener Tool

€22.00 EUR

It doesn't matter if you're chopping up vegetables, slicing sushi or filleting a piece of meat - the results will always be much tastier if you're working with a nice, sharp knife. It can make all the difference in any recipe, and this handy sharpening tool will ensure that you never use a dull blade again. All you need to do is pass knife a few times through the sharpening slot, pulling towards you but not back-and-forth (see image). One slot is designed for coarse blades, and the other for fine ones. Pick one up today and you'll instantly see the improvement!

  • Colours available: Red, Green or White
  • Materials: stainless steel plate with EVA non-slip base
  • Please note: this product is not suitable for grinding scissors or serrated knives.

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