Insect Repellent Mesh

€15.00 EUR

Let the fresh air in, while keeping the bugs out with an Insect Repellent Mesh.

Measuring at approximately 210.8 x 49cm, this magnetic fly screen is perfect for any entry doors, bedroom doorways, french doors, garages, caravans, and campers. Each screen comes complete with nine magnetic strips to secure the door closed. Because it's weighted, the Insect Repellent Mesh closes behind you automatically for hands free use. Constructed from tough terylene, it's durable enough to withstand kids and pets entering and exiting. Simply attach the adhesive strips to the door frame and position the screen - no tools required.

• Lets fresh air in while keeping the bugs
• Measuring approx. 210.8 x 49cm
• Fits most single doors
• Includes 9 magnetic strips to secure the door closed
• Weighted, closes automatically
• No tools required
• Material: Terylene

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