Arm Slimming Compression Wrap with Posture Support and Breast Enhancement

€29.00 EUR

Do you need a quick fix body makeover before your next event? Then look no further! Get a complete body overhaul with the Arm Slimming Compression Wrap with Posture Support and Breast Enhancement.

This all-in-one body sculpting device is designed to improve posture for back pain relief, slim arms for a trim, lean look, and lift and support the breast for a sexy look that you're sure to love. The Arm Slimming Compression Wrap with Posture and Breast Enhancement is designed with bi-level weaving fabric for superior flexibility and strength, so this garment will continue to be comfortable for many years to come. The 360° massage effects on the upper arm will give you a gentle massaging sensation as you move throughout your day, while the compression helps to burn fat and provides an immediate slimming effect on the upper arms.

•Provides posture support to prevent humpback
•Provides breast enhancement by pushing up and contouring the breast
•Material: 90% Nylon; 10% Lycra
•Size: One-size, Suitable for below breast measurements between 31"-38"
•Help keep upper arm and shoulders warm during the winter
•Colours Available: black, nude

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