4 Super Dry Hair Towels

€15.00 EUR


Going to bed with wet hair can induce illness and often means you wake up looking like an epic party was hosted on the back of your head. Keep your health in check and your hair in tip top condition.

  •  The perfect towels for large families - you can stock up for every bathroom in the house!
  • They'll dry you off in a flash, and then they'll only take a few minutes to dry themselves.
  • From morning to evening, it can cut time out of your routine whenever you're getting ready to go out.
  • Soft and comfortable material is quick-drying and highly absorbent.
  • Towels feature a loop and button to secure it while hanging, so it can dry even quicker.
  • They're also perfect for trips to the beach and the pool with family members or friends!
  • Towel colours will be chosen at random from a selection of Pink, Blue and Orange.

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