32-Piece Makeup Brush Set

€29.00 EUR


Shape and sculpt your face like a professional with this 32-Piece Makeup Brush Set.

This set has it all! Get your hands on this high quality, professional brush set that contains everything you need for any professional makeup style. Made with super soft fibres and strong wooden handles, these makeup brushes are designed for long lasting quality. The set comes equipped with a matching roll-up carry pouch, perfect for fashionistas who are always on the go.

Set Includes:

• Large fan-shaped extra-powder brush
• Large powder brush
• Large blush
• Powder and blush brush
• Large bevel contour brush
• Foundation Brush
• Large-sized bevel eyeshadow brush
• Large eyeshadow brush
• Medium-sized eyeshadow brush
• Medium-sized eyeshadow brush
• Pony eyeshadow brush
• Eyeshadow brush
• Small eyeshadow brush
• Eye blending brush
• Large bevel eyeshadow brush
• Flat eyeshadow brush
• Medium pony eyeshadow brush
• Pony eyeshadow brush
• Small fan-shaped extra-powder brush
• Small eyebrow brush
• Small eyeshadow brush
• Small pony eyeshadow brush
• Eyeliner brush
• Small eyeshadow brush
• Retractable lip brush
• Fine eyeliner brush
• Small sponge applicator
• Eyebrow brush
• Lip brush
• Sponge eyeshadow brush
• Mascara brush
• Eyebrow and eyelash comb

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