2 Sto-Away Gigantic Space Saving Vacuum Bags

€17.00 EUR


It's finally that time of the year to break out your warm weather apparel. Free up some much needed closet space and protect your winter wardrobe with the Sto-Away Gigantic Space Saving Vacuum Bags.

Whether you inhabit a nifty urban loft, tiny dorm, or grand estate, there never seems to be enough storage space to fit your entire wardrobe for every season. From your designer sweaters to your cozy sweats or blanket, there's plenty of space for all your favourite apparel and linens in these gigantic storage bags. Simply fill the bag, attach the hose from your household vacuum to the air port on the bag, and turn on the vacuum to create an air tight seal. It's that simple! The air is removed and your belongings are protected from moisture, dirt, bugs and odors. The bags will now take up only a fraction of the storage space.

• Includes 2 Storage bags
• 35 x 27.25 Inch bags
• Keeps water, dirt, insects and odors out
• Works with any household vacuum
• Triple your storage space
• Quick and easy usage

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