2 Packs of New and Improved Dashboard Sticky Pads

€14.00 EUR


The dashboard isn't the safest place to keep items like electronics, wallet and more, but it's nice to have them within reach when you need them! Thankfully, you can ensure their accessibility and safety with one of these two clever sticky pads.

Their anti-slip surface will attach securely to the dash, without the need for any installation or adhesives. Whenever you need to empty your pockets, just throw your items onto the pad. They're sure to stay in place during the bumpiest rides! It even features elevated side panels that can be used to prop up Smartphone and tablet screens when watching videos or following maps. And if you need to switch vehicles, the pad can be removed without leaving a mark.

  • Dimensions: 15.2cm x 9.8cm x 0.3cm.

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