24K Absorbent Gold Foil Collagen Face Mask

€15.00 EUR

  •         Can absorb by skin gold foil, best anti-wrinkle whitening facemask
  •         Give face perfect longtime nursing
  •         Can help active useful ingredient absorb by skin
  •         The collagen pure gold foil face mask have best whitening andanti-age effect
  •         Promotes face cell assimilation of new and excretion of theold.
  •         Ease face wrinkle
  •         Make skin tende r
  •         High infiltration, ventilation and affinity
  •         Different with non-waves mask
  •         Use it directly
  •         Contains non-harmful chemicals
  •         Effect: mild and enduring                                                                                                   Use method: clean face, takes out the facial mask to spread onthe face, keep face mask on face for 30 minutes were have obviouseffects, suggested long-term use 7 days, then 2 to 3 day uses onetime, also can use every day .
  •      Suitable for following factor that creates face wrinkle, dry orurgently needed beautiful white maintenance (mainly used foranti-ages, whitening)

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